These Easy Hacks Will Keep You Refreshed In Ramadan!
These Easy Hacks Will Keep You Refreshed In Ramadan!

These Easy Hacks Will Keep You Refreshed In Ramadan!

Taking care of one’s skin calls for some extra effort during Ramadan! Fewer hours of sleep and deficiency of certain nutrients in the body leaves your skin a little dull and pale during the month. This is exactly why we bring to you certain skincare tips and expert advice that will make you as pretty as a picture in no time!

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Ramadan is right now in the hottest month of summer so we need to prepare our body as well as our skin for it. It is highly important to look after the skin during this month, as it goes through a number of ups and downs. Long fasting hours, hot and humid weather and lack of fluid may lead to skin damage and dryness.

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So prepare your skin and body by using moisturizer liberally on a daily basis; shield yourself from the sun and take a proper diet!

Avoid the sun as UV rays are harmful to the skin as they cause tanning and sunburn. So the use of sunblock with SPF 50 at least 15 minutes before going out is crucial. Walking in shade, use of umbrella or cap would also be helpful to protect your skin throughout Ramadan.


Since our skin is constantly exposed to dust, pollution and extreme temperature, it is necessary to use a mild skin cleanser on a routine basis. The cleanser should be free of heavy fragrance, artificial colors and be of a good brand. Overwashing your face is also a complete no-no.

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One should also not forget to take care of the area around the eyes to prevent dark circles formation by applying a moisturizer, using the cool tea bag twice weekly and a vitamin C serum during night time.

Make-up Routine:

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Oil-based heavy make-up needs to be avoided as it can lead to breakouts. The only light water-based make-up foundation should be used.

 Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water and natural fresh juices. Your skin and body may not be receiving normal hydration and nutrition while fasting and they need some extra help to stay hydrated and supple.

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You need to drink as much water as possible during Ramadan to avoid dehydration of the skin. Avoid drinking carbonated or sugary beverages like soda or aerated drinks, as well as caffeine as these too can cause dehydration.


You are what you eat – This holds true during Ramadan too.

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Make a special effort to avoid oily/fast food, sugars, and refined carbohydrates as they are really bad for the skin. Eating this sort of food can lead to skin blemishes, breakouts and make it look dull.

To achieve flawless and radiant skin, eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating right and exercising moderately would make a huge impact on your skin during the holy month.

Try these easy hacks this Ramadan and we guarantee that your skin will be glowing!


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