Wanna be a yummy mummy like Hira Mani? Ways to get rid of belly pooch
Wanna be a yummy mummy like Hira Mani? Ways to get rid of belly pooch

Wanna be a yummy mummy like Hira Mani? Ways to get rid of belly pooch

A protruded belly is part and parcel of motherhood and is probably the toughest part of the body to lose weight from. However, when we scrutinize some celebrity moms ,like Hira Mani for instance who is a mother of two handsome boys, we are always awed because after kids it just seems to be impossible to have a flat belly again.

Granted, losing belly fat is no walk in the park (pun intended) but here we mention some easy ways which will rid you of that flabby belly to some extent:

Have a soluble fibre rich diet

Studies suggest that soluble fibres give you that ‘full’ feeling quickly which is why you tend to eat less. Also, they make the body absorb less calories from the food consumed.

Some of the convenient options you can choose from are flaxseeds, legumes and avocados.


Researchers say that meditation helps develop mindfulness which helps us in battling destructive habits like overeating. Author of Meditate Your Weight, Tiffany Cruikshank, is of the opinion that “meditation can help rewire how your brain responds to stress“. And you don’t necessarily have to sit in a dark room to do it, you can do it in it any part of your house you like, keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

Drink up

We are solely referring to water here. Many health experts say that we should always a drink a glass of water whenever we feel hungry because it’s common to confuse thirst with hunger. That should do the trick most of the times, but if not, grab a banana to snack on.

Plan your dinners

You need to cut back on meat and nuts, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and add some spice to your food. With these things in mind, plan an entire week of dinner in advance. Doing so will make it very easy for you to stay on track and will also discourage you from indulging in foods that aren’t good for you.

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