Makeup for mature skin: makeup gurus share their secrets
Makeup for mature skin: makeup gurus share their secrets

Makeup for mature skin: makeup gurus share their secrets

As the beauty industry legened Trish McEnvoy says: “What time takes away, we can bring with makeup.” So, if you thought that flawless looking makeup is something impossible to achieve for older women, you need to think again.

For women after a certain age, applying makeup is all about searching for the right products and application tips that will make that mature skin look its best.

 Ahead, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that the beauty gurus swear by:

  • Work on that lash line

Use the invisible lining technique: Press the liner in between each lash along the lash line to add some definition to your lashes. Apply the mascara afterwards.

  • Even out the skin

Preferably, a primer should be used the first thing on the skin as it creates a smooth canvas for makeup application. However, if you have no time to prep the skin, just use a BB cream as it’s an all in one skin perfector.  But you need to make sure that you use a product that doesn’t settle into fine lines.

  • Do conceal the dark circles

Your eyes are usually the first thing that people notice and sadly, it’s the skin around that tends to show the first signs of aging. However, by choosing the right shade of corrector and and appropriate amount of concealor, you can hide those imperfections. But remember, less is more.

  • Fill those brows in

Full brows help you give an overall youthful appearance. Shape and define your brows using a soft pencil and make small strokes so that they don’t appear to be harsh. Complete with a spoolie so that they look naturally groomed.

  • Add color to your cheeks

Adding a hint of color to the apple of your cheeks definitely lightens up your entire face. And to avoid a dry, cakey finish, use a cream blush instead of the powder one as it will also add a subtle sheen to your cheeks.

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