‘80s fashion accessories that you need to embrace in 2020
‘80s fashion accessories that you need to embrace in 2020

‘80s fashion accessories that you need to embrace in 2020

1980s? Oh, you must be thinking why horde on outdated stuff but 2020’s biggest trends is actually inspired by the 80’s. That’s correct! 

So, if you are trying to update your closet with the new season approaching real soon, then mentioned ahead are a few noteworthy trends that are literally going to turn heads.

Jelly sandals

We are sure you have come across these shoes earlier too and may have found them a bit funny. However, this time around, they are going to be a lot more comfortable because women have now started to prioritize comfort. It’s best to opt for a clear style to flaunt your manicure or your funky socks.

Ripped jeans

Vintage ripped jeans are like an evergreen item in your wardrobe and you can simply pair them with whatever you like. Also, they are never going out of style even if your crush finds it a thing of the past. Rock it with a denim jacket when its cooler.

Tiny cat-eye sunglasses

Our instagram feed is filled with celebrities slaying the tiny sunglasses trend and if they can, then so can you. And if you are doubtful, you can always get a cheap pair to see if it suits you. Also, when you wear these sunnies, tone down the rest of your outfit so that your sunnies stand out.

Hair barrette set

Colorful hair accessories are here to stay and the multicorled hair barrette set is the cheapest option to add some jazz to your otherwise drab hair. Pick out your favourite color to secure your mini braid or stack a few to make it look playful.

Best Friend bracelets

Next time you bump into a jewelry kiosk and see these bracelets, buy them immediately instead of making a face because this is going to be all the rage in 2020. Also,your bff is totally going to fall in love with them.

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