Want to unwind? Simple ways to de-stress at home
Want to unwind? Simple ways to de-stress at home

Want to unwind? Simple ways to de-stress at home

With the majority adhering to home isolation owing to the corona virus outbreak, we may find ourselves devoid of our go-to stress relieving outlets.  like hitting the gym or hanging out with close friends at a café. In such a situation, it’s imperative that find some healthy ways to unwind ourselves at home.

Ahead, we mention a few inexpensive and quick ways to uplift your mood and make you feel recharged:

Disconnect yourself

You continue to receive emails, texts, new alerts and social media notifications even if you are staying at home which surely doesn’t make us feel les stressed. So, a great way to go about it is to unplug from technology – close the laptop, put your phone on silent or turn it off and pick a good book to read.

Let music be your savior

You may not know this but music can actually calm us down when we are stressed. Also, singing to your favourite song has a similar effect. Classic musical is said to be really effective in alleviating stress levels. So, find a corner in your house where you can peacefully listen to some soothing music.

Engage in mindless tasks

Yes, you read that right. When your mind is focusing on a particular issue, your stress levels soar. So, give your mind a break by involving in some mindless home chores like folding laundary, vaccuming, cleaning the kitchen cabinets or wiping the counters. Doing all this won’t only give you a cleaner house but will also relieve some of your tension.

Do a 10-minute workout

We understand that unpleasant feeling when you can’t hit the gym and feel even worse with sitting still all day long. But an excellent thing to do to take your mind off your worries is following a 10-minute workout video.  

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